Training mode and nutrition

Training mode and nutrition: question and answer

Training regimen and nutrition go hand in hand; without it, none of the goals related to a beautiful figure, good mood and health can be achieved. How and when it is better to train and therefore eat, says elite trainer Anton Kotov.

Training mode and nutrition

Morning, afternoon or evening: when is the best time to exercise?

There is no correct answer to the question of optimal training time. Often there are mythical times in the network for the most effective training, such as fasted cardio that will “lose weight” a few sizes or you need to train, for example, at 5:38 p.m., and not a minute later . I do not recommend blindly following such recommendations, as they are subjective. For example, it’s comfortable for me to practice around 4-5 pm, but that doesn’t mean someone should drop everything and do the same, it’s just my experience and comfort.

Each person should choose the training program that fits their life as organically as possible – this is the basic principle of developing a training plan. Each of us has a different daily routine and different energy levels. Someone trains in the morning for the whole day, and someone, on the contrary, becomes so depressed that a person feels exhausted all day.

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However, I have two recommendations:

  1. Training too early should not be high intensity – give the body time to wake up;
  2. I recommend exercising at night 3-4 hours before bed. The nervous system needs time to calm down and the body needs time to begin a comfortable recovery process during sleep.

In practice, intensive training before bedtime can lead to insomnia.

Is it possible to train on an empty stomach?

The answer to this question is again ambiguous: who cares. I know people who train on an empty stomach and I know people who eat a lot before impact. Both will be able to achieve the desired goals.

A beautiful body must be healthy above all else, which is why I recommend that my students eat a full meal two hours before training. Full means enough to provide you with energy for your workout. But even in this recommendation there are nuances. If you had a very heavy dinner, there will be enough resources for a morning workout and a light breakfast. Just listen to your body.

As for training on an empty stomach, I do not recommend this mode. If you really want to train before breakfast, choose low-intensity cardio in the first or second heart rate zone. Again, it all depends on your body.

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How are nutrition and exercise related?

There is a myth that regular and effective training will give you the body of your dreams. People often rush to buy ready-made themed fitness programs, exercise several times a day, but still do not get the desired result. Indeed, nutrition is relegated to the background. There is a clear relationship, understanding that you can achieve any result in body transformation.

Training is necessary to develop certain physical qualities. Nutrition is responsible for guaranteeing all the metabolic processes and structural elements that make up the body. Simply put, training is what we become and nutrition is what we are made of.

Of course, physical activity can change the shape and composition of the body, for example reducing the fat component or gaining muscle mass. But the basis of a beautiful figure remains food. Training directs changes in the body, while nutrition determines our appearance.

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Training mode and nutrition

How to enter the modality for a person who has just started doing, for example, an online training?

Before starting a fitness journey, you need to answer simple questions: “What am I training for?”, “What gives me this?”, “Why is this important for me ?”

If the answers are honest and conscientious, the motivation and the means to achieve the goal will appear by themselves. Another important point: you have to train for fun, and this is only possible by listening to your body without overloading it.

You can practice in the morning or in the afternoon. Eat before or after a workout. The main thing is to realize the importance of the training process for oneself. Train in harmony with yourself, and the result will not keep you waiting.