Workout For Beginners

Workout for beginners

A few years ago, the word “training” was unfamiliar to an ordinary person, although the history of this type of training in Russia dates back to the times of the USSR. The concept of “street training”, which means “street training”, appeared at the end of the 20th century in the United States, but remember the sports fields in the yards familiar to everyone from childhood: bars, wall bars, horizontal bars – as part of promoting an active lifestyle, they have been equipped since the middle of the last century.

However, modern training has become widespread through videos showing workouts and “demonstration performances” by athletes from the United States. And today, some 200,000 people across the country regularly go out to warm themselves “in the streets”.

Workout For Beginners

Features of the training program

The first and perhaps the most important distinguishing feature of training is its accessibility: to train it is not necessary to go to the gym, just go out on the terrace or come to the field of sport, where there is a horizontal track. bars and bars.

The second feature of the program can be called its accessibility – the exercises are almost the same for beginners and for those who have been training for several years.
The third feature that sets this system apart from others is its versatility. Training can be done by both men and women, there is practically no age limit (unless, of course, there are contraindications for health reasons).

In addition, training is an indispensable assistant for an athlete. Combining training in the gym with outdoor activities gives a tangible result in the process of gaining muscle mass.
In short, the Workout is the perfect training program for those who want to stay in shape outside the gym, increase their endurance and explosive physical strength, build muscle and make cutting more efficient. However, it is important to choose the right exercise system and to exercise regularly.

Basic training program

Important! In most cases, video tutorials and programs described on the Internet are designed for those who have been doing exercises or strength training for some time and can withstand a large load on the muscles. Beginners should slightly reduce the intensity and pace of activity, at least until the body gets used to the new type of activity. In a day, no one will be able to “inflate the buckets”, but breaking your lower back is easy.
Like any other exercise system, the training program has its own characteristics:

Remember that before you start any exercise program, you absolutely must warm up and you must warm up all your muscles, not just the “working” ones.

Workout For Beginners

Example of training system:

  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar. 3 approaches: the first – with a wide grip, the second – with a medium grip and the third – with a narrow grip. The number of repetitions is left to the discretion of the athlete.
  • Lizards. Also three approaches. During the first series, the palms are below the shoulders or a little wider, during the next series, the palms are at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other, during the third, the palms are joined. The number of repetitions is also at the discretion of the worker (it is better to start with 5-7 repetitions, gradually increasing the number).
  • Hanging from the horizontal bar with leg elevation (abdominal exercise). 2-3 sets with an initial number of repetitions from 5.
  • Raise the body (turn on the press). 2 sets of 10-15 times at the initial stage.
  • Raise the suspended torso (hook the legs to the crossbar). 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions. For beginners, there must be insurance – a person who carefully watches the exercise and is ready to “catch up” at any time when it falls.
  • Squats (slow, deep). 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Having acquired the necessary skills and developed muscle strength, you can not only increase the number of repetitions in approaches, but also perform more complex elements, such as “flag”, “spear”, “swallow”, “horizon” .

After training, do not be lazy, do a warm-up. Your muscles will thank you.

Training and classes in the gym

If you want to “work out” all the muscles and find an ideal body, and not just increase endurance and impress with the appearance of a relief press and biceps, then workout classes still need to be combined with classes in the gym, on professional simulators. Also, an excellent result will bring the alternation of “street” workouts with cardio programs (for example, swimming or stretching – for girls).

It will be useful for beginners, and already experienced workoutrs, to consult a professional trainer, because many people during classes are guided by video tutorials that do not explain the specifics of the correct execution of exercises.